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Along with their children Elodie, Nicolas and Hugo, Martine and Pascal Serveaux run their estate in Passy sur Marne, a typical village surrounded by the slopes in the heart of the Marne Valley. There, they ardently cultivate the natural wealth of their 15-hectare vineyard, growing the three Champagne grape varieties, Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Veritable pioneers of the Meunier, the Serveaux family has managed to give a new lease of life to this grape variety that was so disparaged a few years ago.

Passionate about their land, they have a deep knowledge and understanding of every one of their plots.

According to the season and whatever the weather, throughout the year - from the appearance of the first bud through to the final harvesting at the end of the summer – they tend their vines in various ways so that grapes produced are of the very highest quality when pressed… and they do so with the greatest respect for the environment.

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Our cuvées at a glance

Grown on Méandre de Passy’s best hillsides – steep slopes, poor soils, south/southwest exposure – Serveaux Champagnes showcase both the vintner’s work and the origin of the wine.

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