"Meunier" leaves it mark

Let’s share a little history

Who are we? What’s our story?

In the 1950s, Georges Serveaux was one of the rare visionaries who had faith in the Marne Valley’s burgeoning wine industry. Penniless, he borrowed some money from a First World War veteran whose pension helped Georges buy his first plots of land on the local slopes. Not entirely sure how he would pay back the loan, he began to clear the land. He uprooted a walnut tree, much to the delight of a lumber company. Having repaid his debt, Georges continued to invest…

For forty years, his son Pascal Serveaux continued the work that his father had begun before making his children, Elodie, Nicolas and Hugo, associates on the fifteen-hectare family-run estate. The wines are still made in the house that was built with the stones that Georges Serveaux unearthed to plant his first vines.

From the best hillsides in Méandre de Passy, with their steep slopes and south/south-west exposure, Serveaux Champagnes bring to the fore both the work of the winegrower and the origins of the wine.




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